What I’m Playing ~ 9-26-13

Here’s what I’m playing lately, working them up to hopefully build out my Open Mic set.

The Lumineers — Ho Hey

New song in the Upper Valley Uke Club catalog, just getting started on this but I know it’s a staple of a lot of uke clubs.

The Avett Brothers — I Would Be Sad

Another lovely break up song from the Avett Brothers. Off the album, Emotionalism.

The Avett Brothers — Go To Sleep

A staple of their live shows with a lot of crowd participation and La, La, La’s. The album version is a lot more stripped down. Easy strums but I need to figure out the picking intro, feel free to reply with the notes if you have them!

From the Album, Emotionalism:

Live example:

One thought on “What I’m Playing ~ 9-26-13”

  1. Like these songs Dave, especially the Lumineers’ one. Seems it would be good for your voice. Good luck with these; be happy to hear you singing them. I need to get a copy of the Avett Bros soundtrack.

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